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HERITAGE FOUNDATION of the San Francisco Bay Area 

The Hungarian Heritage Foundation of the San Francisco Bay Area (HHFSF) is an established, 501(c)3, non-profit organization of the Hungarian-American community of Northern California.

Historical Background

Hungarian refugees arrived in the SF bay area in great numbers after the Hungarian Revolution

and Freedom Fight in 1956, and swelled the number of Hungarians already living here. Soon they began

to organize and eventually bought a property to serve as a Hungarian House in San Francisco, in 1969.

As Hungarian-Americans dispersed around the Bay Area, leaders of the Hungarian House

decided in 1991 to sell the Geary Street property, which needed major renovations and

a seismic retrofit. With the sale of the property the Magyar Jövő Alap (Hungarian Future Fund)

committee was formed from Hungarian House leaders and representatives of several other

Hungarian organizations, to promote Hungarian cultural activities until a new center could be established.

Over the years other Bay Area Hungarian groups* joined or worked with the Jövő Alap to keep our heritage alive for us and our children. The Jövő Alap has now inspired the creation of the Hungarian Heritage Foundation of the San Francisco Bay Area. A non-profit organization was established and formally registered in California, in March 2009.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Hungarian Heritage Foundation of the San Francisco Bay Area is to promote, share and educate the public about Hungarian culture, language and art, by building on the cooperative and creative energy of the SF Bay Area Hungarian-American community.



The goals of the Foundation are:

• To organize support for the purchase of a property for a Hungarian Cultural Center;

• To promote, share and educate the public about Hungarian culture, history, language, music, art and dance;

• To engage in charitable activities of importance to the Hungarian-American community.


How You Can Help

• HHFSF is developing a number of programs as fundraising vehicles to work toward our first major goal, the purchase of a property to serve as a cultural center. By supporting these events you will help in achieving this goal.

• We welcome private and corporate sponsorship of our initiatives for partial funding of our plans.

• Financial contributions will be acknowledged and can be made in your own name, the name of a company, or in memory of a loved one.

All financial contributions are tax deductible (501(c)3) to the extent allowed by law.



According to the Bylaws registered with the California Secretary of State, the Hungarian Heritage Foundation of the

San Francisco Bay Area is governed by the Board of Directors and the Officers:

President, Vice President, Secretary, and Financial Officer. Term of service is four years.

Current Board and Officers, all serving without compensation, are:

  • President: Szilvia Gilbert, Pleasant Hill

  • Secretary: Dr. Zoltan Egyed, Sunnyvale

  • Treasurer: Gabos-Horhi Kitti, Fremont

Board Members

  • Victoria K. Szabό-Lengyel, San Ramon

  • Rev. Gábor Magyari-Köpe, Redwood City

  • Judit Fischer, Castro Valley

  • Rev. Maurus Németh, O.S.B., Portola Valley

  • Dr. Magdolna Dunai, Palo Alto

  • Attila Egyedi, Palo Alto



The Hungarian Heritage Foundation of the San Francisco Bay Area

Szilvia Gilbert President

1943 Alvina Dr. Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523

Email address:



The following organizations have worked in conjunction with the Magyar Jövő Alap and the HHFSF:


  • Berkeley “Magyarok” List

  • Corvinus Hungarian Cultural Group

  • Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble

  • First Californian Hussar Regiment

  • Free Magyar Reformed Church, San Francisco and Vicinity

  • Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary – San Francisco

  • Hungarian American Chamber of Commerce

  • Hungarian Catholic Mission

  • Hungarian Cultural Center

  • Hungarian Engineers, Scholars and Technicians Friendship Society

  • Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation Inc., S. F. Area Chapter

  • Hungarian Scout Troops 77 & 43 –San Francisco

  • Kővirág Ensemble

  • San Jose Magyars – Hungarian Soccer Team

  • Stephaneum Szent István Ház

  • United Hungarian Fund

  • Crossroads Band

  • Harangvirag Playhouse

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